York Inn (Keppel Street)

It stood on the corner of Keppel Street and Keppel Place overlooking Keppel Terrace and just a few yards away from the entrance to York Place. Only ever a beerhouse, the York Inn was a victim of the Second World War and yet its licence wasn’t fully surrendered until 1961 when it was transferred to the Britannia in Octagon Street.

The property would appear to have be used as a shop when first built in the early part of the second half of the nineteenth century, but had become a beerhouse by the end of Queen Victoria’s reign.

At one time part of the New Victoria Brewery empire (locally based in Hyde Park Road, Peverell), the York was part of the Ind Coope chain when the war precipitated its untimely closure.


1862 - John Bray
1895 - Mrs Screech
1901 - JR Wilson
1902 - Miss Walling
1903 - C Bennett
1912 - J Vere
1920 - A Pearce
1921 - Alice Lees
1928 - Cyril Wood
1930 - William Wood
1932 - Edwin Doidge
1935 - Frederick Coles
1936 - Montague Coles
1936-41 - Reginald Smith