Plymouth Argyle

Chris Robinson drew every Argyle player between 1977 and 2005.

On the 7th August 2010 Chris once again picked up his pen, for The Herald in Plymouth, to provide them with unique snapshot of two key moments from the opening match of the season away at Southampton. Press photographers had been banned from the ground by the home club, and The Herald felt it was important to have images from the game any way they could. You can find the original story on The Plymouth Herald website here.

For Chris’s player caricature’s, the only criteria was that the player must have appeared six times or more for the Pilgrims before a drawing was made.

There are over two hundred such drawings, thus making this a unique series within English football. We will be uploading more of Chris’s Argyle Player cartoons in the weeks to come, and you will even be able to buy prints of your favourites – so watch this space!