York Inn (Eldad Hill)

Located in what has been variously known over the years as Eldad Hill, Stoke Hill, Stoke Lane, North Place and even No Place, the York Inn was one of several pubs that once lined this busy thoroughfare. Quite why it was called the York Inn is unclear, however what we do know is that Brunel had wanted to site a railway station here to serve the Three Towns (Plymouth, Stonehouse and Devonport) in the late-1840s and that two doors away from the York some enterprising individual had opened a beerhouse called the Railway Inn, presumably in anticipation of the event. As it transpired the station was eventually built at Millbay instead, but perhaps the York was a nudging reference to the town that played a pioneering role in the development of the railways.


1852 - Charles Sanders
1862 - John Burridge
1865 - Gordon Samuel
1867 - Mrs Elizabeth Richards