Wounded Soldier

A short lived beerhouse in King Street it was open at the time that the number of pubs in that busy thoroughfare peaked at twenty-eight. By 1873 it had become a newsagent’s and was one of a dozen or so that closed around the same time, bringing the number down by the mid-1870s to just fourteen.

Originally referred to as No.3 Flora Buildings it stood just a few doors to the west of King Street’s junction with Flora Street and while it can only be a surmise, it is tempting to speculate that Jane Parker was the wife of Edward Parker and the fact that we have no earlier names and that he became licensee after her, fuels further speculation that perhaps he was that Wounded Soldier that the pub was named after – and the Crimean War the conflict in which he sustained his injury. Curiously enough a later Wounded Soldier (in Wrangaton) took its name from the owner’s husband who was wounded in the Second World War.


1852 - Jane Parker
1857 - Edward Parker
1862 - George Dart