Windsor Castle

The Windsor Castle was one of a number of pubs in the doomed stretch of Barrack Street that ran parallel to the original frontage of the Royal Marine Barracks in Stonehouse, and that was demolished in the 1860s to make way for the new entrance that we still see today lining the eastern side of Durnford Street.

Named after one of the most famous and certainly the largest inhabited castle in the world, Windsor Castle has a history stretching back to the times of William the Conqueror, to 1070, just four years after the Conquest, while the pub in Stonehouse was a much more shortlived affair: barely standing for 20 years it would appear to have had just one landlord throughout its brief existence. There are however many others dotted around the country, including a dozen or more in the London area alone.


1844-1862 - John Welsford