White Horse

The traditional emblem of Kent and adopted by the Kings of Wessex, the sign of the white horse can often be an heraldic reference to the House of Hanover. However the possibilities don’t end there, with a white horse appearing variously in the arms of several guilds, as Dunkling and Wright observe in their dictionary of pub names, notably ‘Carmen, Coachmen, Farriers, Innholders, Saddlers, and Wheelwrights.

Consequently the name has been a relatively popular one over the years and in the middle on the nineteenth century each of the Three Towns, Plymouth, Devonport and Stonehouse, had their own White Horse, in Basket Street, Morice Street and George Street respectively. The latter would appear to have closed in the mid 1870s.


1850 - Charles Viner
1852 - Aaron Ware
1857 - Thomas Bolt
1862 - Ann Bolt
1865 - Sarah Pengelly
1873 - James Pengelly