Wembury Inn

It appears to have stood just where today the entrance to Derry’s (Co-operative House) looks out over Derry’s Cross Roundabout – that is at the junction of pre-war Raleigh Street and Wembury Street (the present Raleigh Street runs alongside the line of its earlier counterpart while Wembury Street has been consigned to the history books, below the new road layout.

Oddly enough, there was a time when the Three Towns boasted a number of streets and pubs named after Devon towns, now all those pubs have gone – the Modbury, Tiverton, Exeter, Exmouth, Sidmouth, Kingsbridge, Tavistock and Marlborough – although for the most part the street names survive.

Seemingly Sam Morrish ran the Wembury for a decade or so before dropping the beer sales, opting to operate as a tobacconist instead.


1857 - Alex Anderson
1862 - George Palmer
1865 - Sam Morrish