Wellington Inn

In 1815 Sir Arthur Wellesley, the 1st Duke of Wellington was made a Freeman of Plymouth Dock, however it wasn’t until 1819 that he received his freedom on his first post-war visit here. Great crowds cheered him on, doubtless rejoicing at the prospect of a long reign of peace. Right across the Three Towns streets, pubs and hotels were named in his honour, as indeed they were nationally too.

While the street names have endured, the pubs and the pub names have, for the most part disappeared, there were at least six or seven at one time or another, including the Duke of Wellington in Lambhay Street, long since known now as the Fisherman’s Arms.
In Waterloo Street, Stoke, No.18 would appear to have been known as the Wellington Inn but briefly at the end of the nineteenth century, James Metherell converting his butcher’s shop to a beerhouse in the 1870s.


1877 - James Metherell
1885 - Mrs E Metherell
1895 - M Sullivan
1898 - J Malloy