Welcome Home Sailor

Castle Dyke Lane, running between Castle Street and New Street on the Barbican, must surely be the narrowest, named, thoroughfare in Plymouth.

Today it sports just a handful of dwellings, but, in the middle of the nineteenth-century, when both Castle Street and new Street were full of pubs themselves, this was home to the delightfully titled Welcome Home Sailor.

The original Castle Dyke Lane cottages were grouped into two – Vine Cottages and New Street Cottages – and were principally occupied by fisherman and watermen, so the pub name was particularly apposite.

Dotted around the country there are still a number of similarly named pubs- Welcome Home, Welcome Return, there’s even a Welcome Sailor (near Maldon in Essex) – but I’m not sure if there’s ever been another Welcome Home Sailor!


1850 - Thomas Newbury