Weakley’s Hotel

In its day one of the principal hotels in Devonport, Weakley’s Hotel was in the hands of the Weakley family for well over thirty years. Also billed as a Naval, Family, Commercial Hotel and Posting House, it stood directly opposite the other two main Devonport hotels, the London and the Royal. Of the three the Royal was undoubtedly the largest, and, as it transpired the one destined to survive the longest. Sometime in the late 1840s Thomas Townsend, who had been running the London for some years, took advantage of a change in circumstances to move the London, nominally at least, to the building the Weakley’s had occupied for so long and restyle it the London Hotel. For whatever reason however, the move was not destined to be a long term one and by the beginning of the 1860s the new London Hotel had also ceased to offer accommodation and was instead operating as an Auction House.

Standing between pre-war Tavistock Street and Catherine Street, the site is now about to be redeveloped having been inside the Dockyard wall for over fifty years.


1814 - A Weakley
1830 - Robert Weakley
1850 - Thomas R Townshend