Washington Hotel

Located in Washington Place, just off Millbay Road, the Washington Hotel was a victim of the last war. The hotel, like the short street it stood in, no longer survives, but in its day this was a busy corner of Plymouth – on the dock side of Millbay Road and backing onto to the goods yard of the station. Indeed the block it was part of formed an interesting triangular development off Millbay Road, with the other side of the triangle completed by Victoria Road (also long gone).

The hotel would appear to have been a mid-Victorian affair, built not long after the arrival of the railways and after Brunel had helped establish Millbay Docks as a busy commercial port.


1864 - John Symons
1880 - JH Lake
1885 - W Grundry
1893 - J Prizeman
1898 - Samuel Stevens
1901 - William Dunstan
1921 - Mary Dunstan
1923 - Albert Thomas