Warrior Inn

It appears likely that the Warrior Inn at Devonport was named after the first iron-hulled, armour-plated warship to have been built for the Royal Navy – HMS Warrior. Completed in October 1861, in response to the world’s first ever ironclad warship – the French La Gloire, launched a year earlier – the Warrior was, at that time, the fastest, most heavily armed and armoured warship the world had ever seen: she was also almost twice the size of her French counterpart.

Currently preserved as a museum piece in Portsmouth, there is very early photographic evidence of the Warrior in Devonport Dockyard leaving us in little doubt of the inspiration for the name of this erstwhile Stanley Street hostelry. Closed soon after the end of the Great War (1918), it is interesting to note that the original address of this pub was Quarry Street, the name changing sometime around 1890.


1867 - William Alee
1877 - W Best
1880 - J Rider
1885 - Edward Pomeroy
1903 - J Spiller