Warn Hotel

From its construction in the mid-1860s through to the last licence application granted in 1962, the site on the south-western corner of Anstis Street and Neswick Street was known as the site of the Warn Hotel. Hilda and Eddie Balsdon were the last to run the place and were behind the bar throughout the fifties.

The pub would appear to have got its name though from it’s first ever licensee, A Warne, who was certainly in residence by 1867. At that time the whole area around Wyndham Square was new; the neighbouring Roman Catholic Cathedral having been completed less than a decade earlier. Wind the clock back another decade here and this land was still green fields and market gardens, the biggest transformation coming in the wake of cutting the railway lines through to Millbay Station at the very end of the 1840s.


1867 - A Warne
1880 - TG Castle
1885 - TD Burn
1895 - RH Durant
1902 - WJ Carkeet
1905 - GW Jemmett
1914 - DC Nute
1919 - Charles Teale
1927 - Mary Teale
1935 - Sidney Price
1941 - Hugh Stowell
1942 - Selina Fearon
1944 - Hugh Stowell
1950 - Howard Newham