Waggon and Horses

Just as its name suggests the Waggon and Horses in Cobourg Street paid lip service to a brief era in Plymouth’s history … when the horse and waggon reigned supreme. As the 1820s dawned Cobourg Street had been laid out, but only a handful of buildings lined its pavements. By the middle of the nineteenth century there was barely a site that hadn’t been developed and William Chubb – doubtless a relative of Francis Henry Chubb who, in the 1840s had opened a Commercial Hotel in neighbouring Old Town Street – was the licensee of this beerhouse at the south-western corner of Cobourg Street and Saltash Street (not far from the entrance to Central Methodist Hall).

Within a few years Henry Whitfield was listed as landlord but it seems that it wasn’t long before he gave up selling beer and switched to making brushes – a business he continued to operate from here for over thirty years.


1850 - William Chubb
1852 - Ann Pitts
1857 - Henry Whitfield