Cambridge Street ran roughly from the back of Littlewoods to the back of the Newmarket Pub in the city centre, along its relatively short length there were, at one time or another at least seven small pubs, the first of them, at the back of the Barley Sheaf, where King Street met Frankfort Street, was the Vulcan.

Quite what inspired the name is unclear, however there is a possibility that it may have been linked to the foundry that Richard Winnicott established in Frankfort Street in the 1860s. Having originally set up his business in George Street, around the same time as the pub was built, Winnicott did a fair amount of iron work and there are several other examples of Vulcan pubs (named after Roman god of fire) appearing near places with blast furnaces or forges.


1852 - George Southcott
1857 - Edward Radden
1864 - George Harley
1867 - William Palmer
1880 - J Cox
1882 - W Brimblecombe
1885 - Thomas Williams