Volunteer Inn (Chapel Street)

It stood on the west side of Chapel Street, Devonport, between the street that ran up from the Market and York (formerly Cherry Garden) Street. Since the early sixties this has been the wall side of Chapel Street, but perhaps that may change in the not too distant future.

In the not too distant past meanwhile each of the Three Towns had its Volunteer; Plymouth’s was just off Notte Street and Stonehouse’s in Adelaide Street. Nationally the name is relatively common and in an area like this, so dominated, historically, by the Services, it was logical enough to expect it to be popular here. Curiously enough however, all three are no more, the Stonehouse pub went first, before the war, the Plymouth premises was destroyed during the war and this Devonport hostelry, which survived the devastation that accounted for many of its neighbours, went over forty years ago.


1864 - Richard Hoar
1875 - William Henwood
1877 - J Bolt
1880 - John Grigg
1896 - Dennis Gill
1926 - Edward Tucker
1928 - H Baker
1935 - Gordon Keast
1951 - Mrs AI Feeney
1960 - Harry Stamp