Vintry Inn

It’s address in the middle of the nineteenth century was No.6 Bull Hill, but within a few years Bull Hill had been incorporated into High Street, although it remained No.6, and it was later numbers that were shunted upwards. Confusingly, after the war, High Street was renamed Buckwell Street, but for the original Bull Hill block it mattered little as none of the original buildings remain and in fact the Breton Arms/O’Neills pub occupies part of the same site as the Vintry Arms today.

The name Vintry itself harks back to an old ward name of Plymouth – there was also a Vintry Street (now part of Vauxhall Street) – and refers to ‘a meeting place of wine merchants’ and recalls a time when the importing of wine was a major part of the town’s business affairs. The pub closed and the premises became a private residence soon after the dawn of the twentieth century.

Caption: the Vintry was on the left, almost out of picture as the street curves around and down to Notte Street.


1847 - Thomas White
1857 - James Smith
1862 - Henry Palmer
1864 - John Towl
1877 - James Northam
1880 - NC Scoble
1885 - JW Cox
1888 - Thomas Butcher
1890 - William Rockhey
1895 - William Trudgeon
1898 - William Tonkin
1899 - George Dalling
1901 - John Rich
1902 - S Harper