Victoria Spirit Vaults

Standing just a few doors up from the junction of Albert Road (Morice Town) and Clarence Place stood the Victoria Spirit Vaults. Opened as the Anchor and Hope in Navy Row around the same time as the neighbouring Keyham Steamyard was being completed, the name change of the pub appears to have slightly pre-dated the name change of the street (from Navy Row to Albert Road).

Rebecca Dickson would appear to have been the licensee responsible for rechristening the pub the Victoria Spirit Vaults, thereby making it one of five Victoria’s in the Three Towns area. Curiously enough this then common practice of naming an inn after a reigning monarch – there are plenty of George’s around as well – appears to have quickly gone out of favour in the twentieth century, although there are a few nationally named after Victoria’s son, (Albert) Edward (VII), notably at Chatham.

The pub was closed on 21 February 1936.


1852 - Richard Hooper
1857 - Charles Riggs
1864 - Rebecca Dickson
1870 - Mary Jago
1873 - Mrs B Baker
1880 - W Bannister
1885 - L Harris
1893 - James Potter
1901 - Harvey Ferraro
1905 - J Williams
1920 - Elsie Welch
1925 - Harriet Bilsbury