Victoria Inn (Victoria Street)

It stood on a site directly opposite the entrance to the City Museum and Art Gallery, on the corner of Victoria Street and Halwell Street just south of Portland Square roughly where part of the University of Plymouth Student Union is today.

Today however Victoria Street and Halwell Street have long been subsumed within the University Campus and no trace of either survives. As it transpires the pub licence was refused some time before that happened, back in 1914, and so the pub closed then after more than fifty years of trading.

It is likely that the pub, like the street it stood in, was constructed relatively soon after Queen Victoria came to the throne in 1837.


1862 - John Hine
1867 - George Priestly
1873 - A Mitchell
1877 - William Symons
1880 - Walter Robins
1907 - Thomas Isaacs
1914 - W Bowden