Victoria Inn (Moon Street)

It stood on the corner of Moon Street and Ferry Road, Devonport, and would appear to have been named after Britain’s longest reigning female monarch (so far).

Not long after her death it would appear that the landlord, William Cook, rechristened the pub the Steam Bridge Inn and, a decade or so later, coinciding with a change of licence from beerhouse to a full publican’s licence, a new red-brick, mock-tudor, building appeared on the site.

As it transpired the new Steam Bridge was to become a candidate for Plymouth’s shortest lived public house; being compulsorily purchased, and soon after demolished, in 1959.
After that it wasn’t long before the site had been incorporated into the Admiralty’s new extension of Keyham Steamyard.


1857 - Wiliam Colwell
1864 - William Hawkins
1867 - Thomas Ash
1873 - R Moorcombe
1877 - Moses Smale
1880 - Mrs J Guy
1882 - James Endicott
1888 - William Cook
1908 - William Clark
1926 - F Pepler