United Kingdom

In 1847 we find John Bonney working in Pembroke Street, Devonport, as a cabinet maker, however a few years later we find him listed as a ‘beer retailer, appraiser, upholsterer and cabinet maker’. Maybe the furniture side of the business hadn’t been doing so well, and the fact that there were already a disproportionally large number of beer retailers in Pembroke Street already prompted him to think that he might give it a go too. Whatever the reality of the situation, by 1857 we find John Bonney listed as a beer retailer only, and for the first time, the name of Bonney’s beerhouse is given as the United Kingdom a name that started to gain fairly widespread currency after the union of Great Britain and Ireland half a century earlier.

The United Kingdom, located at No.65 Pembroke Street (between Staney Street and George Street) appears to have remained in business for another twenty years or so, but by 1880 had become simply a refreshment house.


1852 - John Bonney
1865 - Susan Rundle
1873 - Mrs M Skinner
1877 - E Lugger