Tothill Inn

It would appear to have been a modest beer retailer‘s, one that may have been little more than an off licence for much, or most, of the time it was trading. However a manuscript list of pubs compiled by a man in his eighties, more than forty years ago, quite clearly refers to the Tothill Inn in Tothill Road. Technically Tothill Road was the location, although for most of its life it was known as 2 Charles Cottages, one of a pair of cottages on the north-eastern junction of Embankment Road and Tothill Road, and a little to the south of the entrance to Cromwell Road.

Long gone now, the site buried beneath the road surrounding the massive roundabout that now sits here, the property appears to have remained in the hands of Alfred Rendle after the licence passed from him to Ena Chapman.


1890 - H Curtis
1919 - Alice Rendle
1921 - Alfred Rendle
1956 - Ena Chapman