Tiverton Inn

In the late nineteenth century there were eight pubs or beerhouses in Queen Street, Devonport, three of them in the short stretch between Ordnance Street and Cannon Street. Of the three No.29 (just to the right of the second ‘E’ of Queen Street) was long known as the Tiverton Inn. Last orders were called here in early January 1927 and it would appear that the building was pulled down to make way for the then new housing developments around that area. More recently of course all of that particular period of housing that survived the bombing of the last war was pulled down to make for yet another new housing scheme, and, just as happened the last time, the number of pubs in this area dropped still further, such that very few survive in this area at all, and even one or two of the survivors no longer operate as a licensed premises.


1867 - Martha Sleeman
1873 - John Davey
1880 - J Leary
1885 - James Penman
1899 - Miss H Caley
1910 - Miss H Caley