Three Tuns (Princess Street)

The older of the two Three Tuns pubs in Devonport, situated in Princess (Princes) Street, appears to have been the first to go, possibly a victim of the redevelopment that saw a handful of Princes Street properties demolished in order to forge an extension of Marlborough Street across Granby Street into Princes Street and thence into Fore Street. The map here, dating from 1812, shows us the layout before the change was effected, sometime around 1850.

The term ‘tun’,, incidentally has largely given way these days to cask; essentially a tun is a large cask, specifically it would hold two pipes (butts), that is three firkins or four hogsheads, or eight barrels or 252 old wine gallons.


1798 - Richard Copplestone
1814 - W Gest
1822 - Thomas Smith
1830-44 - Thomas Lovering