Three Crowns (Queen Street)

There have been several Three Crowns around the Three Towns over the years, perhaps the shortest lived was on the waterside at Cattedown, while the longest is undoubtedly the prominent hostelry on the Barbican.

Devonport, or Plymouth Dock as it was when the pub first started trading, also had a pub of that name and it stood in Queen Street, on the western side, between Cornwall Street and Cannon Street.

In the majority of cases the name harks back to the time when James I (and VI of Scotland) became the first king to reign over England, Scotland and Wales, but it on other occasions it has been interpreted as a biblical reference to the Three Kings or Three Wise Men, and on yet still others it is taken to allude heraldically to the Worshipful Company of Drapers.


1812 - John Templeman
1822 - John Honey
1823 - Charles Jones
1838 - Richard Radmore
1844 - John Arscott