The Spread Eagle

No.43 Cumberland Street doesn’t sound like a very glamorous address, however time was when this was the home of pretty much the first pub you would find on the way into Devonport, from Stonehouse. It was also one of the oldest pubs in the town.

Situated on the right-hand side of the road just before that mini roundabout at the top of Cumberland Road, opposite the triangle of undeveloped land, on a site now occupied by the gardens of the recent residential development, this was one of two Spread Eagles in the Three Towns (there was another in Treville Street). Like most of Devonport at one time, it was owned by the St Aubyn Estate. Compulsorily closed, it ceased to operate as a public house on the eve of Christmas Eve, 1930.


1798 - Daniel Webb
1812 - John Harris
1822 - James Higman
1852 - Caroline Lawton
1852 - William Baker
1856 - William Giles
1867 - William West
1873 - J Kelly
1875 - Mrs Twite
1880 - J Callum
1882 - Charles Cockram
1890 - James Clancey
1910 - B Longworth
1915 - F Butters
1920 - Mrs Barrow
1921 - Charles O‘Connor
1921 - Frank Williams
1928 - Charles Wollacott