The Royal Oak

There have been plenty of pubs in Pembroke Street over the years, as many as eighteen at any one time in the nineteenth century. The names conjure up that bygone era as among them you would have found the Musketry Arms, the Guardship, Pilot Boat, Sirius Frigate, Royal Sovereign, Royal Exchange, Jolly Bacchus and the Himalaya. There were also more traditional names like the George, the Albion, Rose and Crown, White Hart and Bristol Spirit Vaults. Of most there is no trace today, although we still have reminders of the Half Moon and the King’s Arms. There were also half a dozen or so beerhouses for which we don’t have names … and the Royal Oak. Situated on the corner of Pembroke Street and Fort Street it saw service until the end of the Great War, after which it became a cook shop.


1873 - Mrs EJ Hext
1877 - George Charley
1903 - George Glanville
1907 - Richard Scorey
1911 - T Payne
1914 - Frederick Small