The Plough

Two doors west of the Golden Fleece in erstwhile East Street, stood the Plough. One of the most common pub names in the country, Plough signs are often found showing the group of seven stars in the Ursa Major, probably the best known and most conspicuous group in the solar system and clearly shaped like a farmers plough.

But in this part of East Street it was no surprise to find an agriculturally-themed name as this was one of the closest drinking holes to the early nineteenth century Plymouth Market. East Street in fact connected Old Town Street with the lower part of the Market and the site of the old pub today is in the Lloyds Bank car park just south of the back of the BT Shop. The pub, incidentally, appears to have stopped trading some time before the construction of the Corn Exchange in the 1890s.


1823 - James Hardy
1844 - Thomas Dewdney
1847 - J Pearse
1852 - Zachariah Selth
1865 - John Dennis