The Conqueror

It stood on the south western corner of the junction of Canterbury Street and Clowance Lane, Devonport, and it would appear that shopkeeper John Lamerton decided to open the Conqueror after an earlier beer house in the street closed in the early 1850s. Lamerton went on to run the Conqueror for the next thirty years or so, a feat that was not to be surpassed by any of his successors. The pub closed sometime during the First World War.

There is a Conqueror near Epsom named after a racehorse, another in Sussex named after William the Conqueror, the pub here, meanwhile is most probably named after the wooden warship that was around at the time Lamerton opened the pub, although there was an even earlier ship of that name that was tragically wrecked on Drake’s Island in 1760.


1857 - John Lamerton
1890 - Mrs Sarah Perkins
1893 - Mrs Emma Dowkes
1895 - Jas Candler
1898 - Philip Baker
1910 - Charles Tidball
1914 - JF Bean