Tamar Inn

Located at the southern end of Tamar Street, which ran at right angles to the Tamar Canal, with Tamar Quay around it, on the edge of the River Tamar it is no surprise to find that there was a pub in this street called the Tamar Inn. There were others, the Ferry House, Crown and the Sunderland and Liverpool, but then there were a lot of pubs in this neighbourhood, supported by the proximity of the Ferry, the Dockyard and the brewery that was located at the top of the Tamar Canal – the Tamar Brewery.

The pub was closed in the mid-1930s, just a year or two after the Sunderland and Liverpool, as part of the redevelopment of the area spearheaded by the construction of the then new flats at Pottery Quay – flats that were demolished last year for the present redevelopment.


1812 - Matthew Stranger
1823 - James Butt
1852 - William Shepherd
1857 - John Paul
1862 - William Glannville
1867 - John Welchman
1875 - Mark Southwell
1877 - James Callum
1880 - W Veall
1888 - John Gale
1890 - Thomas Callaman
1895 - J Rollason
1905 - M Hodge
1907 - W Lind
1921 - William Bransfield
1923 - Frederick Painter