Sydenham Inn

Situated alongside the erstwhile St Chad’s in Moon Street, just along from Albert Gate and at right angles to Albert Road, was the Sydenham Inn. Plymouth too had a Sydenham (the Sydenham Arms currently known as the Clipper in Union Street), and the name is well-known locally – Elizabeth Sydenham was Francis Drake’s second wife, and Humphrey Sydenham was ohne fo the youngest officers in the fleet that beat the Armada – however it was also the name of the first recorded licensee of the Union Street pub so perhaps that explains that particular naming. Here the licensee we have record of in this Morice Town beerhouse is Joseph Hockings


1867 - Joseph Hockings
1873 - William Greenwood
1875 - C Moocombe
1880 - W Radcliffe
1885 - Mrs M White
1890 - Thomas Morse
1893 - R Whitehouse
1895 - H Northway
1908 - JF Gliddon
1909 - John Nash
1911 - G Rowe
1914 - A Stevens
1920 - E J Jope
1935 - Thomas Clarke