Sutton Pool Inn

Running right down into Sutton Pool itself, it’s not surprising that one of Plymouth’s oldest – and for centuries one of the town’s most prestigious – thoroughfares should have sported a number of pubs over the years. For centuries this was an important and direct link between the harbour and St Andrew’s church, and there are still two pubs here today: one of them – the Minerva – the oldest property in the old part of Plymouth to house a pub. Time was, however, when there were at least half a dozen others, including the distinguished and long gone Pope’s Head and Looe Street Inn and the Pike Street Inn (Pike Street, for a while in the early nineteenth century, used as an alternative name for the thoroughfare), both of these, like the Sutton Pool Inn were on the side of the street that was completely redeveloped in the late 1890s – however by that time this pub had closed and become a lodging house.


1850 - William Jose
1852 - Mary Lashbrook
1862 - Ann Sampson
1867 - Robert Roach