Sunderland and Liverpool

“A nice little pub” the Sunderland and Liverpool stood at No.5 Tamar Street, Devonport and used to look down over Tamar Quay, where doubtless there were, at one time, boats plying trade that had connections with the two ports that gave their name to the pub.

Frederick John Lepage was the last licensee here, back in the 1920s and 1930s, when life was that much more simple and his son, also Fred, who worked as a mechanic at Milehouse, thought nothing of running home and back for a meal at lunchtime.

Last orders were called here on 28 December 1933 and the pub was shortly afterwards pulled down to make way for the new flats at Pottery Quay, flats which were themselves pulled down earlier this year to make way for another new development.