Summerland Inn

Sadly no trace remains today of Summerland Place, Terrace or Summerland Street – they all lie buried beneath the Colin Campbell car park and the buildings that surround it. They all survived longer than the Summerland Inn itself, however. This simple beerhouse stood for many years alongside the Lord Clarendon, each one on a corner site, the Summerland leading into Summerland Street, the Clarendon into Henry Street.

Quite where the Summerland name came from is unclear – at least one nineteenth century map incorrectly refered to Sunderland Street – but what we do know is that in the brief period before the railway arrived in Plymouth this had been quite a genteel part of town with dame schools, artists and teachers among its inhabitants.

It appears to have closed sometime around 1913.


1857 - John Luxton
1873 - G Prettyjohn
1888 - Mrs Pretttyjohn
1890 - Tom Jones
1902 - W Feldwere
1905 - James Bolt
1907 - C Vivian