Stonehouse Inn

Although from the mid-eighteenth century onwards, Stonehouse was the smaller of the Three Towns, there was clearly a strong element of local pride as there were more pubs in Stonehouse bearing the name of the town than there were in either Plymouth or Devonport. Indeed it would appear that at one time in the 1860s there were four pubs coexisting in the town: the Stonehouse Tavern in Edgcumbe Street, the Stonehouse Vaults in Caroline Place, the Stonehouse Wine and Spirit Vaults in High Street and the Stonehouse Inn, here at No. 2 Market Street. Curiously enough there was, at the same time, a Stonehouse Inn in Lower Street, behind North Quay, off the Barbican. Devonport though never appears to have embraced the name for one of their hostelries.

Today all of these pubs have gone – the Stonehouse Inn here was the shortest lived of all – and the name, locally at least, has disappeared from drinkers lips.


1850 - Stephen Bickford
1862 - Henry Squire