Stonehouse Inn (Lower Street)

Towards the end of the nineteenth century there were a few shops, a coal dealer and two beerhouses in Lower Street. The beerhouses were both located at the Harbour Avenue end of Lower Street, one near each corner. Lower Street, then as now, was a shortish thoroughfare running parallel to North Quay and linking Harbour Avenue to Hawker’s Avenue.

Neither establishment appears to have survived into the twentieth century and their disappearance coincides with the erection of a large Co-operative Society greengrocery store in Lower Street. Records are sparse but it would appear that one of these drinking establishments was called the Stonemason’s Arms, the other the Stonehouse Inn, of the two the premises at No.14 on the top side appears to have been the bigger.


1844 - Elizabeth Gidley
1850 - William Simmonite
1890 - Wilton Samuel