Stoker’s Arms (Granby Street)

It stood in a small block of properties near the western end of Granby Street (Devonport) between the kink in Marlborough Street and Granby Ope. The site is now part of the open landscaped area, used for parking, just beyond the southern end of the now-truncated Marlborough Street.

At the original eastern end of the street was the huge Granby Barracks and it is no surprise therefore that this street once boasted several inns, among them the Dolphin, the Falstaff, the Stoker’s and the Granby Cellars, with only the latter surviving the war (it was rebuilt in 1966).

The naming of the pub appears to have been roughly contemporary with Keyham Steam Yard when the number of men engaged locally “to tend or stoke furnaces” – stokers – would have increased dramatically.


1850 - Robert Chubb
1865 - W Tucker
1877 - S Jarvis
1880 - C Jarvis
1895 - George Glover
1903 - JW Perkins
1905 - Mrs Perkins
1921 - Angelina Griffen
1924 - Patrick Griffen
1928 - George Nanscawen
1932 - Angelina Griffen
1932 - Charley Goddard
1942 - William Maddock
1960 - Alan Wright