St Michael’s Mount

At face value this may seem like a fairly random name for a Devonport pub, however, when you consider that the St Aubyn family who have owned St Michael’s Mount for the last 350 years also owned most of Devonport when this pub opened in the nineteenth century, it begins to make sense. Quite what specifically prompted the decision to so name the pub however is less than clear, but the pub stood on the corner of Stanley Street (Quarry Street until around 1890) and Clowance Lane (the name is another St Aubyn connection).

Stanley Street ran across and at right angles to Pembroke Street and the site has subsequently been redeveloped more than once, the pub however went before that, its licence having been refused in 1919 when it was forced to close (although the last licensee, George Jewell, appears to have carried on living there for some years after that).


1852 - Mary King
1893 - Sarah Jewell
1914 - Mrs Mellish
1918 - George Jewell