Sidmouth Inn

It stood at the top of Cambridge Street, on the western side, just below the junction with Oxford Place, on a site that would place it now in the playground of Pilgrim Primary School. Cambridge Street was a busy and, at the end of the nineteenth century, boozy thorough with eight pubs or beerhouses running along its length.

The Sidmouth, unlike so many other City Centre pubs, was not a Blitz victim, or at least, it was not the war that led to its closure, for time was called here for the last time on 9th January 1927.

The Sidmouth had already changed hands three times in the previous few years, having been sold by Jane Elliott from Stoke to a woman from Folkestone, Mary Vivyan, before passing into the hands of the Starkey, Knight and Ford brewery just prior to its closure.


1865 - Thomas Witfull
1877 - A Zimmerman
1880 - J Sullivan
1885 - Thomas Phellen
1898 - Harry Lang
1905 - Jack Lock
1920 - John Horton
1926 - William Johnson