Shipwright’s Arms

One of at least three similarly named pubs that has operated at one time or another within the modern Plymouth boundary, this particular Shipwright’s was in Stonehouse, in one of the older thoroughfares there, Newport Street, leading down to the dockside.

Time was when shipbuilding was being carried out on a significant scale – but nothing like the massive metal monsters of today – in many coastal ports and locally, outside of the Dockyard itself, there were shipbuilding companies working on the eastern side of Sutton Harbour, and at Turnchapel. Not surprisingly both communities had their own Shipwright’s pubs, and both of them outlasted their Stonehouse namesake, the latter continuing well into the 1970s the former closing within the last ten years or so. Meanwhile the Stonehouse Shipwright’s appears to have closed sometime around 1923.


1857 - J Mudge
1862 - William Trays
1870 - John Brock
1893 - Charles Smith
1895 - Henry Beckett
1898 - Thomas Reeby
1903 - J Hooper
1907 - T Hooper
1915 - RW Hooper