Shepherd’s Lodge

More often than not it would appear that pubs with names like Shepherd’s House, or Shepherd’s Hut, Hall or Rest, have biblical connotations, with the Shepherd in question being Christ and all Christians being his flock. The names seem to be as common in urban settings as they are in rural surroundings, but the interesting thing about the erstwhile Shepherd’s Lodge in North Street, is that when it was first open, in the mid-nineteenth century, the area to the north of the pub would have still been relatively rural.

It was not a situation that lasted long however and within a decade or two this would have been almost as densely populated an area as it is today. Although the particular bit of North Street that accommodated the Shepherd’s Lodge is now lost beneath the massively widened extension to Exeter Street.


1862 - John Blee
1873 - John Hoskin
1877 - Mary Hingston