Shakespeare’s Head

Basket Street was an ancient thoroughfare on the edge of town that ran from the Higher Churchyard of St Andrew’s (on the northern side of the church) to Westwell Street. Largely pre-dating Westwell Street, the original name of the route was Love Street, with Westwell Street being known as Love Lane (largely on account of their popularity with courting couples). Interestingly enough, both would have been laid out by the time Shakespeare started writing.

In the late-1860s the street was razed to clear the way for the construction of the new Guildhall and Municipal Building although there was still a street – along which the trams later ran – called Basket Street. The Shakespeare’s Head was one of two pubs in the street and curiously enough soon after the old buildings were cleared there, a pub opened in High Street, on it’s junction with the Parade, called the Shakespeare.


1812 - John Alford
1823 - Samuel Crute