Saltram Arms

Pre-war Morley Lane was a short and rather narrow thoroughfare, but not as short as Little Morley Lane which connected the lane to Morley Street. Running roughly parallel to Morley Street, Morley Lane ran between Cambridge Street and Russell Street while the pub itself occupied a site that now lies buried somewhere beneath the pavement just outside Dewdney’s pasty shop in Cornwall Street.

Both the name of this modest beerhouse and the street name imply a connection with the Parker family – the seat of the head of the Parker family, the Earl of Morley, is Saltram House, but quite why they are linked is unclear – perhaps at one time they owed land in the heart of Plymouth.


1877 - T Chubb
1882 - I Horton
1885 - William Anderson
1888 - William Chapple
1893 - A Beardmore
1900 - S Hookway