Saltash Inn

It stood in Saltash Street, just up from the corner of Duke Street (seen here heading up to the top of the picture) and across from Mill Street on a site now just below the turning into Cornwall Street, off Drake Circus by the Money Centre.

Nothing now remains of the thoroughfare but it once sported four pubs, the Noah’s Ark, Royal Oak, Sugar Refinery and the Saltash Inn (the latter two were side by side, with the Sugar Refinery actually on the corner site).

After the short-lived Royal Oak, the Saltash Inn was the next to close, as time was called here just after the end of the First World War, long before the devastation of the Second World War which spelt the end of the Noah’s Ark and ultimately – making way for the post-war redevelopment – the Sugar Refinery, which came down in the early 1960s.


1852 - John Evens
1857 - Thomas Evans
1862 - Jonas Towl
1880 - William Collins
1911 - WT Nowell
1914 - William Frost