Sailor’s Home

Clearly open to interpretation the name could imply that this was a suitable ‘home’ for sailors, or it could be a statement indicating that the ‘sailor is home’ and therefore here enjoying an ale or two. Either way it would make it subtly different from the Sailor’s Return that existed around the same time just up from the Barbican in Castle Street.

The Sailor’s Home was a few miles away in Devonport, curiously enough, however, there was also, just a few doors away from the Sailor’s Home, the even more quirkily named ‘Many Happy Returns of the Year’ which later became the Impregnable.

The Sailor’s Home itself appears to have closed sometime in the early 1860s, it was located in James Street, opposite the entrance to Corry Street (a street that would later be swallowed up in the post war redevelopment of Devonport).


1847 - George Loutten
1850 - Edward Curry
1857 - John Woodmanson