Royal William

Arthur Southcombe Parker’s pioneering survey of ancient Barbican properties, conducted in the latter years of the First World War, reveals much about the area. It gives details buildings and street lines long gone and through it we learn that Plymouth, prior to the moves towards ‘slum clearance’ both before and after the Second World War, had many Tudor and Jacobean treasures. Admittedly many were in a parlous state and had undoubtedly seen better days, but many were salvageable, and are now lost forever. Fortunately some survived, No.18 Looe Street, however, was not one of them, indeed it appears to have disappeared soon after the first wave of redevelopment that brought Municipal Housing to Looe Street and How Street in the late 1890s. It stood on the corner of Looe Street and Vauxhall Street, adjoining the building that now finds itself on that particular corner, next door to the Porters.


1857 - Henry Heath
1862 - T Wallace
1864 - Eliza Rickard