Royal Standard

This picture of Royal Standard, on the corner of Barrack Place and Emma Place Ope, was taken sometime around 1919, when Andrew Norrish Brimblecombe, a former carpenter who had served in the Royal Engineers, was the licensee here. Previously based at Fort Scraesdon, Brimblecombe left the service to run a pub – he was previously (from 1907-1919) been at the Penrose.

A Blitz survivor, the Royal Standard is long gone now – its site was later redeveloped as part of the Renwick’s garage site, just beyond the old Stonehouse Vaults. The Royal Standard itself – the flag – not the pub, is the flag flown when the monarch is in residence at a royal palace, or on any vehicle when the monarch is travelling. It is never flown at half-mast as the new monarch succeeds immediately on the death of his or her predecessor.


1898 - Fred Nicholls
1901 - Mrs Varcoe
1905 - C Featherston
1919 - Andrew Brimblecombe
1920 - Percy Roseman
1921 - Alfred Merton
1922 - Charlie Fisher
1923 - Richard Tredwin
1928 - Tom Hull
1928 - Samuel Harris
1929 - Jesse Mumford
1930 - George Trout
1933 - Frederick Smith
1934 - Albert Dean
1936 - Robert Blackler
1947 - Wilfred Clarke
1957 - Doreen Berry
1961 - Arthur Cook