Royal Oak

It is one of the most common pub names in the country and has been since the Restoration of the Monarchy in 1660. Following on the famous incident when Charles was defeated at the battle of Worcester and hid in an oak tree from noon ‘til dusk to evade the Roundhead search parties, it was decided, after the Restoration, to call Charles’s birthday – 29 May – Royal Oak day, as a thanksgiving tribute. Hundreds of pubs subsequently adopted the name around the country and as well as the existing local inns at Hooe and Meavy we have also had, over the years a Royal Oak in Southside Street and another on a corner of Brownlow Street, Stonehouse, half way between George Street and Emma Place.

Never more than a beerhouse it closed in 1923.


1880 - Edward Taffin
1907 - R Caunter
1914 - Edward Rider