Royal Oak (Southside Street)

A simple beerhouse in Southside Street, the Royal Oak closed, not on account of the war, but rather almost four years before the Second World War began. Compensation was paid to the owners, the New Victoria Brewery in the Hyde Park Road (Weston Park Road) on the 8th January 1935 and last orders were called exactly one week later. Whether this had anything to do with the then recent extension of Madeira Road, taking it right around the front of the Citadel, which would therefore have made Southside Street much busier for through traffic than it had been in the past, is uncertain. What we do know however is that the site has subsequently been redeveloped and although at the time its closure meant one less pub on the Barbican, there have, in recent years been many more opened to more than make up for it’s loss.


1804 - Judith Barnes
1823 - Joseph Stowe
1873 - William Pedgeon
1877 - E Pedgeon
1880 - Daniel Bounds
1898 - CF Johnson
1901 - WGH Turner
1910 - H Gardner
1914 - Edwin Darlington