Royal Oak (Batter Street)

With over two dozen pubs within the modern Plymouth boundary that have sported a ‘royal’ title over the years one wonders where the permission to use the prefix came from. Certainly it’s unlikely that all of them would have been sanctioned by a member of the royal family as many were in the early days.

Among those found in this area we have a couple of Royal Sovereigns, several Royal Standards and a couple of Royal Marines, but by far the most popular locally, as indeed it is nationally, is the Royal Oak and the short-lived Batter Street beerhouse of that name was one of no less than seven local pubs to bear that name. Occupying the site of 7 Batter Street it stood on the eastern side between Looe Street and Stillman Street directly opposite the former Batter Street Chapel.


1862-67 - John Roach